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Highest Quality Home and Commercial Inspections

We are known for being honest and trustworthy.   We truly work with the most integral Real Estate Agents in the industry.



Pre-Inspection Checklist

We recommend agents give this document to their clients.  This will help sellers get their properties ready for sale.  Also, it will help buyers know some common problems found on an inspection.

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What we do



  • Home Inspections and Commercial Inspections.  
  • We also offer Thermal Imaging of your building for an addition fee, which helps us find missing insulation, water leaks, and hot circuits in the electrical panel. 
  • Lead spot (5) checks throughout the home.  This is done on homes older than 1978 if requested by the buyer.



Currently we purchased C.A.L.M. Home Inspections.  We serve all of their past client's and hope to expand Up Close Inspections LLC.  

We believe we work with some of the most honest Realtors in the industry.   Why?  We report on all problems found and feel that the Customer decides what is acceptable or not.  We work with realtors that guides them through that process. 


Commitment to you

We know there are many companies to choose from, so what makes us different?  We have a high level of customer service and quality.  We want you to be happy with our services.  Our inspectors do one inspection per day rather than 3 or 4.  This helps the inspector concentrate on the tasks at hand without feeling like he has to run to the next job.   In essence, its all about you for that day. 


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